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Nina Rousille

Assistant Professor, MIT Department of Economics; Executive Director, Hub for Equal Representation, LSE; Research Affiliate, MIT Shaping the Future of Work Initiative

Nina’s research is in the fields of labor, gender and public economics, with a particular interest for the distributional effects of labor market policies.

She documented in several settings how pay information frictions impact the labor market decisions of workers and how the provision of such information alters workers’ behavior. For instance, she shows, on an online hiring platform for software engineers, how providing women with information about the pay distribution of men leads women to ask for, and obtain, higher salary offers. She also has work documenting workers’ misperceptions about their outside options and showing how the provision of information on these outside options impacts workers’ job search behavior. Her most recent work in this field looks at the role of unions in pay information diffusion or retention.

She also has a broader agenda on imperfect competition in the labor market and how it relates to gender and racial inequality in the workplace.

Nina joined MIT’s Economics Department as an Assistant Professor in July 2023 after a postdoc at the LSE. She is also the Executive Director of the Hub for Equal Representation at the LSE. She received her Phd in Economics from UC Berkeley.

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